>A couple of Mugs

>Here i am with the new mug. I bought it at the stadium in Ajax. Hopefully I’ll make it there for a game later this year with Jeroen. Apart from that I have had very little time to post or study or exercise. The weather is poor, dribbling constantly like we were Leeds. Work is taking up significant time and tiring me. The money is ridiculous though so for the meantime, despite my desperate patience, it must take some priority. Sadly.

I have made a few decisions too. I will no longer go to Poland to do a DELTA. I was never sure why I was doing it in the first place and the pedantic interview forced my mind. I am planning a trip across Spain this July with Dr Luke and his van and will look to call in on old friends Delwyn, Carole and Sarah. Hopefully, if money permits, I’ll be in Turkey to get my eyes fixed and see Linden.

I’ll be in London for a weekend in a few weeks. It’s a time to be around old friends. Anna has her Bday party on the Sunday and looking forward to hooking up with Gab, Cam, Ellen, Steve, Anna, Jen, Jill and of course, Al. Nev and Joe are over soon too. A great opportunity to have a few beers and rectify the gap between me and Scotto. It’s nothing serious due to circumstances we haven’t even seen each other yet. Shame on me. I can sense many a beer with Si in Manchester coming up too.

Glenn Roeder resigned. Credit to him for that. We fans, had had enough. Big Sam looks the man coming in. He’ll do a fine job or at least improve the team. A man to get them justifying their wages and the fans support for the club.

I went to Nathan’s gig on Wednesday night. The boys played well after a few touchy moments in the opening songs. They have talent. Like most opportunities, it depends how much they truly want it.

I’d love to write more. I’d love to pick up my guitar but I fear my brain won’t be able to make my fingers smile for you or me. I am tired. And have to go to bed. I’ll post the photos Amsterdam soon. There are certain friends I’d like to speak to soon too. LP, Scotty, AC, Si and Christine are top of the list. It’s been too long.

Happy Birthday to Tom too. Sure he can’t wait to try and beat me at pool and wake up to find me crashed out on his floor again. Should happen around the start of next year pal!!


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