>Gorilla chases the ice cream

>A 180kg (400-pound) gorilla has escaped from its enclosure and run amok at Rotterdam zoo in the Netherlands.

Chasing the ice cream apparently.

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>Baby Bubba gets his gun……

>Aged 10 months. Sweet Jesus. As a mate quipped, “when he wants his bottle, he wants his f#cking bottle”

Bubba’s father, Howard Ludwig, applied on his behalf after his grandfather gave him a shotgun as an heirloom.

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>Blair leaves

>I know it has taken me a few days to post on this but that’s work for you. A secondary reason is simply that few, including myself really care anymore. Blair leaves office still a young politician, yet with 10 years of national leadership behind him. Why don’t we care so much? Is it the modern apathy that infects us as we feel powerless to influence events? Or is that we are more interested in who wins The Apprentice?

Well one reason is a Blair success. Britain is a skills economy. Finance and services are the driving forces behind our economy which has continued to grow throughout the last ten years. Aiding that growth has been Blair’s vision as Britain as a global investor, a flexible and professional service provider and creative powerhouse. Unlike previous Labour governments (or frankly any before them), there has been no intervention in the movement of capital. British companies are free to buy and be bought. Economically we are in good shape and that isn’t just down to interest rates and tax cuts.

Devolution was handled well but the perennial problems of a universal health system and an unsure education policy have improved little under Blair, despite numerous policy changes. Labour’s foreign policy, with ever-decreasing ethical dimension ultimately floundered on the decision to invade Iraq. A poor policy choice leaving him forever tainted alongside the discredited Bush. The death of Dr David Kelly was unforgivable.

Will history judge him better? I don’t think so. Today’s British are too savvy and independent to make a clear judgement even if we are too apathetic and selfish to do anything about it. I was privy to a conversation in 2000 between two political Press Secretaries while I worked in as a political researcher. They discussed Blair’s grand failure. Remember this was 2000. Blair could have done everything and anything when he came into power, they agreed on. He could have reformed the nation beyond anyone before him. But he lost his nerve and allowed circumstances to dictate rather than leading the nation into a new millennium.

Will I miss him? No, not really. He had milling around too, like a school assembly that’s just too drawn out. We’ve got restless and dissatisfied. His farewell speeches, which have taken a few years to be spoken were sad and almost apologetic. We’ve had few more intelligent, near-perfect politicians. While Clinton also failed across the pond, he seems more content with it. Clinton has the force of personality, a charm and a smirk to get away with the bluff. For Blair, I just don’t know what he will do. It’s a sad ending to a potential great Prime Minister.

>Ramsey served shit

>It looks like Gordon Ramsey, the alleged celebrity chef has got some of what he is due. I am sure there are many who’d like to do but PETA, the organisation for the protection of animals dumped a tonne of horse shit on his doorstep after one of his shows featured him serving horse to his diners.

I personally don’t have a lot of time for PETA for here. Horse has been eaten on the continent for centuries and, while we don’t, its hardly a huge issue. And animal rights group has verged on the ridiculous of late, demanding a panda cub be put down after it’s mother rejected it. Ramsey, well, he is difficult to like too much but he takes his work seriously though his antics are annoyingly tabloid.

>German sex shop chain Beate Uhse must pay German football stars Michael Ballack and Oliver Kahn 50,000 euros ($67,380) each for using their names for vibrators without permission, the company said on Monday.

About the only time Michael Bollocks and Oliver Kahnt have won this season. More here.

Credit to Nathan.

>A couple of Mugs

>Here i am with the new mug. I bought it at the stadium in Ajax. Hopefully I’ll make it there for a game later this year with Jeroen. Apart from that I have had very little time to post or study or exercise. The weather is poor, dribbling constantly like we were Leeds. Work is taking up significant time and tiring me. The money is ridiculous though so for the meantime, despite my desperate patience, it must take some priority. Sadly.

I have made a few decisions too. I will no longer go to Poland to do a DELTA. I was never sure why I was doing it in the first place and the pedantic interview forced my mind. I am planning a trip across Spain this July with Dr Luke and his van and will look to call in on old friends Delwyn, Carole and Sarah. Hopefully, if money permits, I’ll be in Turkey to get my eyes fixed and see Linden.

I’ll be in London for a weekend in a few weeks. It’s a time to be around old friends. Anna has her Bday party on the Sunday and looking forward to hooking up with Gab, Cam, Ellen, Steve, Anna, Jen, Jill and of course, Al. Nev and Joe are over soon too. A great opportunity to have a few beers and rectify the gap between me and Scotto. It’s nothing serious due to circumstances we haven’t even seen each other yet. Shame on me. I can sense many a beer with Si in Manchester coming up too.

Glenn Roeder resigned. Credit to him for that. We fans, had had enough. Big Sam looks the man coming in. He’ll do a fine job or at least improve the team. A man to get them justifying their wages and the fans support for the club.

I went to Nathan’s gig on Wednesday night. The boys played well after a few touchy moments in the opening songs. They have talent. Like most opportunities, it depends how much they truly want it.

I’d love to write more. I’d love to pick up my guitar but I fear my brain won’t be able to make my fingers smile for you or me. I am tired. And have to go to bed. I’ll post the photos Amsterdam soon. There are certain friends I’d like to speak to soon too. LP, Scotty, AC, Si and Christine are top of the list. It’s been too long.

Happy Birthday to Tom too. Sure he can’t wait to try and beat me at pool and wake up to find me crashed out on his floor again. Should happen around the start of next year pal!!