>Oh, to be a writer!

>While there has been some controversy over Salman Rushdie’s elevation to knighthood, for me the highlight has been the revealing of his wife, Palma.


Apparently she is a TV star in the States though she is of Indian descent. How 60 year old Salman Rushdie bagged this young lady is beyond me. Having heard him speak, there was little revelatory about the man. His books including Midnight’s Children and The Satanic Verses live long in the memory for the vivid details and smiling blossoming creativity and the man is clearly of great intelligence, though his subject matter may reveal a wish for greatest. But I still cannot see what drew her in on any ascetic level. The man, let’s face it, looks like a 60 year old failed golfer. His smug grin reinforces my bewilderment.

And some have questioned my own literary ambitions. Well put that in your pipe…… I may have been slow to pick up the pen of late, but I feel an impatient twitch in my fingers of a sudden.


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