>Papal Bull

>So the Vatican has produced its own 10 Commandments for drivers. Ludicrous idea of course but here are a list of 10 Commandments I liked from one commenter on The Guardian.

1. Thou shalt not encourage Catholic women to eschew birth control – particularly those who are unable to afford to support more children.

2. Thou shalt apologise for the Vatican’s supine posture during the Second World War and for the subsequent assistance provided for former members of the SS to flee to South America

3. Thou shalt renounce the doctrine of papal infallibility

4. Thou shalt cease denouncing homosexuals as sinful

5. Thou shalt denounce the sanctuary provided for financial criminals such as Archbishop Paul Marcinkus and promise it will never happen again

6. Thou shalt acknowledge that popes in the Middle Ages indulged in simony, homosexuality and licentiousness without trying to excuse their behaviour in any way whatsoever.

7. Thou shalt acknowledge that many popes have been outright warmongers.

8. Thou shalt acknowledge that the Catholic Church has protected paedophiles and commit that any members of the priesthood who are caught doing in this in the future will be offered straight up to the appropriate legal authorities with no excuses or prevarication.

9. Thou shalt abolish the Office of the Holy Inquisition (of which you were once head I believe) and apologise for it’s crimes over many centuries in burning people alive

and finally on a lighter note..

10. You will stop wearing a white dress

Dan – Dagger to the heart, eh. (quicker than a roasted stake)

Full article here


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