>The Rough with the Smooth

>Sad news on Monday when the Republic nightclub was burnt down by the management, sorry I mean, burned down after an unexpected fire. By accident.

Quite clearly an insurance job but I had grand memories of apparently being there on many, many occasions especially Thursday nights for the legendary Disco 2000. It would be Duncan, James and myself, circa 1997-1998, dancing on at the front, amusing ourselves as Pissed-Up dam fell over the railings (he wasn’t hurt). I spent the last minutes of my 21st Birthday passed out in that beautiful place and bared my arse on a few occasions.

Wonderful days. They truly were. Sheffield was beginning it’s renaissance in the late 90s but the music and pub scene was always at the front of the class. The people are friendly, the kebabs cheap and the supertram was, well the supertram. How many other cities had one? I missed the place and look forward to getting up north later this year.

But there’s always a silver lining. Sorby Hall was pulled down, deliberately and for the cameras but unfortunately with no students in it.


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