>The long awaited comeback begins…

>Getting optimistic now. Sam has pulled in Viduka, Barton and Rosenthal. We look like we’re gonna get Ben Taim. Add a few fullbacks and honest effort, backed up by Ashley’s money and we are looking at a top 6 season.

Howay the Toon.


>The Times are a-changing

>Been busy. But alas, working. The weekend work was called off this week. I felt released. While I could have taken the time off at anytime, you feel guilty. Now the burden has been removed. I feel refreshed. I had a shave and a haircut. An era of renewal akin to South Africa’s end of apartheid or the fall of the Berlin Wall. who needs walls eh? especially when you’re not tall.

Work, government work is the height of PC and health and safety. I’ll give you two examples. There will be meetings held for a:gender people. They aren’t some Asimov reality but for those who are either trans-gender or inter-sex or in the progress of changing their perceived gender. I say good luck to them but only this week guys were told they will have to wear shirt and ties at work. Woman can wear skirts. No mention of the inter-sex folk.

The other health and safety matter recently was the handing out of plastic beakers to all staff with a lovely department motif drawn on the glass. Seems a nice idea, if a waste of money. But in fact we learnt that the beakers avoid contamination from staff’s narrow neck drinking bottles when get cold water. But action only occurred after staff complaints. Complain?? what the hell is wrong with you? It reminds me of an instance in Bolivia. I went to an internet cafe with an Australian girl. We sat down at separate computers to send of those must-read emails you all love. She handed me a wet-wipe. Was my face dirty and this was the hint? No. I I watched her scour the keyboard. She caught my expression. “Lots of people will have used it.” I turned to my screen and wondered how many feverishly lick their fingers after a quick email. Anyway it’s been quietish on a social front. It’ll get better. Working 32 days with only one day off. Darn. I had a monster hangover that day too. This weekend is two days of work, reading, studying and have a look around. Catch up on emails and try to get the brain in gear. It’s time to write something. Even if it’s just this.

(that’s just a random picture for you)

>Welcome Back Jack

>Dr Jack Kevorkian, the assisted suicide doctor, was released from prison yesterday. Having witnessed the very painful death of my grandmother of MND (Lou Gehrigs), a muscle wasting disease in which the victim dies of suffocation eventually as the breathing muscles fail. I applaud Jack Kevorkian for having the balls to make a stand.

Death is never an easy issue. I don’t like any premature deaths. After all, you’re a long time dead. But when a desparately ill patient chooses to die and it’s signed off by some legality, their wishes must be respected.