>I lapped up some sun this afternoon. It’s been a long while. The sun has been so unwilling to show itself, I forgot the power it holds. The warmth and optimistic energy it baths you in. I’ve hardly seen the sun for a few weeks. But now, on my bus, the erratic and irregular service which leaves grannies stranded for hours in the rain. Now this bus parked itself in traffic while the sun deftly jumping between clouds. The bus of course had oi choice. Roadworks gave it an excuse today, slowing our progress to a predictable crawl.

I’d just got off work, picked up My Name is Red and came home through the oncoming dusk. I’m a day worker right now. Working with the millions of routine day workers, the cumbersome majority, though not by far such is the prevalence of shift working in our 24hr numbness.

So where have I been? To tell the truth, I’m not quite sure. The days of work have left with with little thought worthy of expression. My bike takes me over the hills and bumps, alongside meandering cars for 11 miles to and from work. Impressive work from my spindlierly legs,. Hopefuly my little belly or more accurately rotund torso will take the hint and provide its bulk to my furiously pumping thighs, the power through the pedals, over the chain, bullying my the 2 wheels on.

My weekends have been extravagant in all ways. I;ve been uproariously, stupendously, happily drunk. My new digital SLR is providing moody shots of bands and this weekend, alongside a friend, I’ll be interviewing some of the most dangerous men in the world. Not Cadbury’s food makers but martial artists. Men who compete one on one until the end. My press pass came through today. It made me smile. The results of my chatter will be hosted on http://www.bloodyknux.com, youtube.com and on here of course.

Facebook. Heard of it? Well its entered my life and changed it. Ashley, my beautiful friends for me on it. She took my wall virginity too. Is nothing sacred? At first, I ignored its longing looks, the silent pleading of a homeless dog. I didnt have room for another hobby or timekiller as they become. It seem just another site to throw your details on and later wonder why. But it never stopped pawing at my feet, gazing sorrowfully into my reluctant, wayward eyes. I questioned my selfishness, my individuality. My meaning without friends. Alex raved about it to me. And so slowly, I fed the mutt. And now, it seems I can’t do without. It’s part of me. An extra chamber in my heart. Like waiting for a text message reply. Do I now fear a loneliness without those little messages of support. And another 20 minutes of my day is lost. Never to be recovered. I’ve met up with some old faces. Most haven’t aged even if their lives have. Maybe I may one day lose my fascination for facebook but will I have to replaced it?

There’s been too little repose and reading. A lack of study and sunshine. It’s an Irish summer. The rain begs at my window like a dripping cat. My trips away are planned and being finalised. 17 days in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to return for the UFC event. Before that trip, there’s Sam’s Christening weekend; a Saturday England rugby day with old mates Scott and Duncan; a weekend in Bristol with friends and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. I’m booked until late September when I’ll be in my old stamping ground seeing Si and Jen, Scotty and Sarah, little Aalia and Mr Carlin.


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