>Times are a-changing

>I cycled through the sun and rain to get home today. A tree huddled over me, providing some respite from the worst of the JULY rain. I said July.

Having an over-active thyroid is a medical condition. I should know. My dear mother has one. But I have an overactive problems myself. An inability to say no. A recklessness that came only make you smile. LP knows what I am talking about. Jumping off platforms in Japan was odd. Cam and Ellen came tell you about the Seville swimming night. Pete still wonders what made me drink that pint. It leaves me tired. Hollow but content.

LP. I just mentioned him above. He emailed me last night. I’d just got back from a crazy Saturday night. See above. But LP’s email brought a out unabashed pride. That night, jumping off platforms, we were off to the Naked Man Festival. That bottle of Brandy in McDonalds had done the trick. I never made it there. But I did get arrested. While I was negotiating my way out of trouble with my charming slur, LP made it to a bar and met a girl. Not just any girl. That would be too easy. He met his wife. You may say; but Dan, they don’t get married until February 2008. That’s true. But I have faith. I always did.

Better get saving me pennies.


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