>Off to see me some lions

I am off tomorrow to Kenya to meet up with Al and generally banter around deepest Africa taking pictures and seeing a few sights.

I’ll get some pictures up when I get back.

love ya


Oh and good luck Mexico and Newcastle

PS. The anti-malarials have just kicked in. Feeling tingley and mildly hallucinogenic. Is that a lion I see before me??

>No surprise eh?

>To anyone who knows this company its hilarious and no surprise.

“Nova Corp., the nation’s largest English-language school chain, was ordered by the government Wednesday to partially suspend business for six months for lying to customers about its services.”

More here

>Good Move by Big Sam

>So we sold Dyer. And for serious money. Some lesser managers may be fooled into thinking and droning on about Dyer’s pace and potential but hello, he is 28 turning 29 and he wasted his career while be handsomely paid. The fact that Sam is about sell players and move on so clinically is healthy for the club. Its top flight football management. Players have little loyalty when things take a bad turn. Should be the same. After an excellent start, I’ll be looking and drinking while we smash my mate Barry’s Villa and then head off to see some woman.

Missing out on a Willy Mason gig though. Boo!

>This is what we need

>I was in a bar last Saturday, hoping against hope that England could beat France in rugby, Newcastle could start the season with a win and Liverpool would get beat. I lost 2-1 but Newcastle came through. Great season coming up. But, like everytime you feel hounded out of your own city by ordinary folk who are simply chavs. The scum of Britain in its post-Thatcher disposable income, house owning era. Those Thatcher sentiments are all very good by a by-product, word so apt it makes you smile, are the chavs. complete fucking tosser scum.

Linked here is a story of creative rich kids having a go back.

>I hate that its just updates at the moment. My time management skills were/are never the best. Alas, I wish I could say I had been spending my time in other worthwhile ways but sometimes no.

Great last weekend, catching up with Scotty, Gabriel, Luke and a few others. Much fun had. Even those American lasses proved their worth in the end. Watching Dr Luke revive a man in the pub after he collapsed proved the value of learning genuine knowledge.

Good weekend with the family at Sam Christening. Pictures will be posted but that damn facebook gets in the path of all.

Gig tomorrow night, photos to be taken. ISIS reunion on the 18th with all those lovely girls.
22nd,….Kenya with AC. yeah. Just planning my trip to Asia and Australia too. I’ll definitely be in Thailand to see Tom, the Philippines to see Dan and James, Oz for LP and Sarina’s do and whole cavalcade of friends (Steve and Lucy, Ben, Mads, Luke, Matt and Minka) then NZ. from that I;ll ether head to Japan or back to Thailand and then London.