>I hate that its just updates at the moment. My time management skills were/are never the best. Alas, I wish I could say I had been spending my time in other worthwhile ways but sometimes no.

Great last weekend, catching up with Scotty, Gabriel, Luke and a few others. Much fun had. Even those American lasses proved their worth in the end. Watching Dr Luke revive a man in the pub after he collapsed proved the value of learning genuine knowledge.

Good weekend with the family at Sam Christening. Pictures will be posted but that damn facebook gets in the path of all.

Gig tomorrow night, photos to be taken. ISIS reunion on the 18th with all those lovely girls.
22nd,….Kenya with AC. yeah. Just planning my trip to Asia and Australia too. I’ll definitely be in Thailand to see Tom, the Philippines to see Dan and James, Oz for LP and Sarina’s do and whole cavalcade of friends (Steve and Lucy, Ben, Mads, Luke, Matt and Minka) then NZ. from that I;ll ether head to Japan or back to Thailand and then London.


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