>This keeps me going, work sucks right now

>I want to live beyond the modern mentality
Where paper is all that you’re really taught to create
Do you remember the forgotten America?
Justice, equality, freedom to every race?
Just need to get past all the lies and hypocrisy
Make up and hair to the truth behind every face
That look around to all the people you see,
How many of them are happy and free?
I know it sounds like a dream
But it’s the only thing that can get me to sleep at night
I know it’s hard to believe
But it’s easy to see that something here isn’t right
I know the future looks dark
But it’s there that the kids of today must carry the light.

Willy Mason – Oxygen


So she looked 12. petite in small jeans, lank brown locks following down her back. I kept looking at her, almost unapologetically. She was 12 or so. Maybe 13. But she was smoking a rollie. I leaned back and evaluated the scene. Others at the bus stp didn’t seem bothered or were just minding their own business. I needed too.

She almost cut me in two. Left me shocked and slightly intimidated. Her brutish frame masked in a tracksuit brushed past me, deep in thought over the smoking girl. The trailing smooth mop clipped my nose. It smelt clean. I glanced at her chin. It could hurt a fist. The forehead was broad and strong. She was a male.

A bus arrived. Not mine. The line queued patiently. I pondered the man. The change, if it was complete was surely soon. A glaze of make up rounded angles. The line took its time but still waited. The driver played with his console. He was having trouble. Maybe he was Polish like many of the new drivers. He continued playing. They waited and I pondered. The woman got off the bus and sat down on the bench. The queue moved up clinically. The driver closed the door and the woman got out her phone. She rested on here files as she called. He couldn’t find the child explorer pass. I’ll have to wait for the next bus now and hope there’s a fucking bus driver who knows what he is fucking doing. Cos I look like a child. But he couldn’t find the button anyway. Fucking idiot she called him.

My bus arrived. My second of the day. I was first on, just infront of the male. I showed the driver my pass. It was the same driver from the first bus. Wearing the same Lennon dark glasses. I told Lennon he was my last driver. He said he knew.



>A man has pleaded guilty to assaulting Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson at a London railway station.

Kevin Reynolds, 43, admitted punching Sir Alex in the groin before butting a police community support officer at Euston station on Monday.

>Oversalted burger leads to charges

>As James Brown would say, “Only in America.”

A McDonald’s employee spent a night in jail and is facing criminal charges because a police officer’s burger was too salty, so salty that he says it made him sick.

Kendra Bull was arrested Friday, charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct and freed on $1,000 bail. Bull, 20, said she accidentally spilled salt on hamburger meat and told her supervisor and a co-worker, who “tried to thump the salt off.”

On her break, she ate a burger made with the salty meat. “It didn’t make me sick,” Bull told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. But then Police Officer Wendell Adams got a burger made with the oversalted meat, and he returned a short time later and told the manager it made him sick.

Bull admitted spilling salt on the meat, and Adams took her outside and questioned her, she said. “If it was too salty, why did (Adams) not take one bite and throw it away?” said Bull, who has worked at the restaurant for five months. She said she didn’t know a police officer got one of the salty burgers because she couldn’t see the drive-through window from her work area.

Police said samples of the burger were sent to the state crime lab for tests. City public information officer George Louth said Bull was charged because she served the burger “without regards to the well-being of anyone who might consume it.”

>While I haven’t seen the first England game against Israel I am mesmerized about how McVitie is going to possibly change the team. sure maybe Hargreaves but just get the system right and let them play. In the end McShite will play the same team and give us that smug grin, informing us how gullible we are.

Bentley got booed the other night. I was in London during the day for that game and I wouldnt want any part of those fans. Home game and close tournament England fans are scum. Sure that scum maybe a minority but they are a significant minority. Cunts all round. Those tourists in London or the poor classical European cities which get invaded on the weekends should get some compensation or a free holiday to the Lake District, The Peaks; somewhere which truly plays out our green and pleasant land.

>Jambo Tennis anyone??

Jambo is Swahili for hello. Enough? No. In a country where kids dont have shoes, a British charity is very usefully going out there to teach tennis for a few weeks. Just what they need.

It’s hard enough for the average soul to get out to Africa and help out. Volunteer organisations either require huge financial or long term commitments making them the preserve of the middle class students, when they should be. If Gordon Brown is truly dedicated to helping Africa, get students and engineers out there. Infra-structure would aid economies immensely. Start on the roads Gordon and maybe Africa will become more accessible to the world which still perceives it as a dark continent. There maybe an economic poverty but not in resources, of the mineral and human kind. So much potential could be tapped and maybe then we’d know Africa as the continent of smiles.