>That’s my age now. I have entered my fourth decade and I tell you it feel very good. The twenties are over but I somehow feel relieved. Why? Because it feel little different except the perceived ageing money is off my back. I thought I’d panic, feel immediately transported to some age where I talk about jazz, weekends away on the coast and which hoover to buy next. But no. Its the same but better. I feel relieved. My work sucks but I am in the stage of adaptation and besides, last weekend I was in Cardiff for the rugby living up a fantastic atmosphere. Next weekend I’ll be meeting old friends before heading off to Spain for the week.

I feel enlightened. Educated. I could go on University Challenge, a travel show; write a literary review or cover a martial arts show; speak some French, Spanish, Japanese; take more pictures; meet some quality friends; friends I have come to appreciate and admire. Spent time with family; head out on the next road. I could do them all because I am me. I didnt appreciate it before but I have lived and learnt much. Much more to learn and many more years in which to do so.



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