An Ode to Meatballs

I’ve recently rediscovered meatballs. Of course, I’ve always known them, maybe loved those chubby little fellas. But here in Oz, they’re omnipresent; in the supermarket, in Subway, on the bus. And somehow with their cute, pudgy faces, they seem almost perfect in a sandwich or on a bbq. With salad or solo. And why not? ahhh meatballs. I like them. I’ll throw in calamari, olives and women as well.

I don’t know why I wrote that. But damn I am right.

Despite the game (6fuckingnil) I had the most brilliant of night. I love being on the road, just me and my rucksack. in the hostel I met two lookers, Hungarian and Argentinian who I’m going out with tonight. Then I met Jorge, an Argentinian lad and talked about football, politics, the war and had a few beers. then his two friends arrived. Jeremy, a record producer and his showjumping GF Debs who is half Argentinian/French. We went to a few bars, got back and drank until 4am with an Italian and his Argentinian GF. They work in East Timor and invited me over to stay. Needless to say, she was hot. and I will be there.

Thats what I love about travelling. meeting people from different background. The hostel is cheap $6 a night with free breakfast, internet. Its clean and well located. Get out there people.

It’s literally lashing down here. thunder is roaring just above my head. The streets are torrents and the min-iskirted girls are tottering along under umbrellas the size of satellites.

In Kuala Lumpur, just got here. flew yesterday with Etihad, a Dubai based airline. best food I’ve ever had. 74 movies to choose from. as its from Dubai, the air hostesses are from all over the globe. an absolute cracking south African girl was mine. its all tax free so worth the job.

We spent the first half of the flight racing the moon across the sky and then chasing the sun as it rose in the East. Twas truly spectacular. As the sun rose through the clouds, the pictures looked like Jupiter.

So now I sit here, waiting out the storm. I love storms so I’m contented listening to the rumble of our masters and I wanna get some kip (sleep) before Man U play my beloved Newcastle at 1.15am local time. My mate Dan comes in tomorrow from Singapore. was hoping to meet Prawn too but that will have to wait.

Just gonna chill in Malaysia and Singapore, hopefully in the countryside until next weekend when I fly to Oz for a LP’s wedding. ahh its good to be away again. It may be raining but I’m English. I can deal with it with a smile

Newcastle are my team, my city of birth, the home of my mother. while i hold little personal affection for Sam, his tactics or his team selections, to lose another manager and a talented one at that is depressing. whether it be due to the transfer window, the fact the board don’t know a lot about football, the media campaign to find a story or the inevitability of a Newcastle story, I don’t know but i do find it depressing, if so familiar as to be able to move on.

I remember the day Keegan resigned. I recall when Cole was sold or Shearer signed. this is nothing like that but it is depressing.

The only guy I want in the job is Louis Van Gaal. He embarrassed us last year and is at a small club right now. He could be the man.

2008 Resolutions

1. Start working in areas I want – internet radio, media, photography and journalism. settle into a creative routine

2. lose 10 pounds

3. Get to more BJJ classes.

4. Live where I want to – Melbourne, Spain, London and Japan. Stability will help my work.

5. Climb something big.

6. Get to some old mates wedddings

7. be satisfied with what I have. stop running to the next challenge and understand that actually I can get alot more from the now if I only look beyond the trees.

8. Be somewhere damn cold for Xmas

9. Get some travelling done

10. Interview Roger Gracie