>Its literally lashing down here. thunder is roaring just above my head. the streets are torrents and the miniskirted girls are tottering along under umbrellas the size of satellites.

In Kuala Lumpur, just got here. flew yesterday with Etihad, a Dubai based airline. best food I’ve ever had. 74 movies to choose from. as its from Dubai, the air hostesses are from all over the globe. an absolute cracking south African girl was mine. its all tax free so worth the job.

We spent the first half of the flight racing the moon across the sky and then chasing the sun as it rose in the East. Twas truly spectacular. As the sun rose through the clouds, the pictures looked like Jupiter.

So now I sit here, waiting out the storm. I love storms so I’m contented listening to the rumble of our masters and I wanna get some kip (sleep) before Man U play my beloved Newcastle at 1.15am local time. My mate Dan comes in tomorrow from Singapore. was hoiping to meet Prawn too but that will have to wait.

Just gonna chill in Malaysia and Singapore, hopefully in the countryside until next weekend when I fly to Oz for a LP’s wedding. ahh its good to be away again. It may be raining but I’m English. I can deal with it with a smile


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