>Don’t be shy

>9 men died of breast cancer in the state of Victoria in 2002. thats the last available statistic. So men, feel your breasts. I am working and at the Cancer Council of Victoria. Its a good job, a quiet place. I had a mild hangover, well, was just in a daze. The beers of the previous night lulled my energies but the memories of the conversations and laughs with LP, the confirmation of friendship and mateship kept me smiling.

Its a well-paid job, gentle to the mind. Just what I needed. For I needed it. I also need some more clothes. Its a casual office, run by women with the odd man lurking behind the walls of his cubicle. Its only temporary right now. So am I. So no worries. I’m excited. I’m going to a short film festival this weekend. with a travelling friend Madeline.

My Dad was 60 years old last week. 60 years. Over 21,900 days. impressive eh? he’s grown in stature if not in girth. he left that to me. I dont know what I owe to my father. not exactly. apart from some money, my genes and my education, its difficult to evaluate for I dont know how. we never know. we just feel.

much to ponder, read, see and savour.


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