>China and the Olympics

>I got asked my opinion about this early and thought I’d write it down. I have been thinking about this and think it’s too late to boycott the Olympics. after all if we were so concerned about Tibet we should have raised this issue years ago along with the repression in NE China, the threats over Taiwan, the support for North Korea, the endless espionage convictions, the prison factories, the pollution etc etc..

But we didn’t we all bowed down and said yes, sure a country like China which is doing all the above right now (lets not even delve into the history in just this century). what we should have done is never given the Olympics in the first place to China. These events are grand national spectacles where a nation can promote itself and celebrate its success. Sure China is succeeding right now and is no longer communist, just authoritarian. But show pieces on such a global scale should be reserved for democratic countries. after all athletic sport in itself should be entered into freely. People may criticise the US (well with that President!) but I’d rather have a world where the US is the major power rather than the Chinese. (that though doesn’t mean the States should have got the Atlanta or Salt Lake City Olympics after all the dodgy dealing there.

so in short, its too late and as usual we will do little for Tibet cos a) its tricky b) we want cheap goods which keeps our inflation down, keeping interest rates down, promoting house buying and general spending but without inflation. isn’t globalisation a wonderful thing! as long you aren’t Tibetan! for world leaders to bother to boycott would be hypocritical on as grand scale as us lay people asking for the same.


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