>Charlton Heston died yesterday. Admittedly he wasn’t exactly of my era and didnt star in many of my favourite films but still and I didnt like his gun stance but he was a big civil rights campaigners in the 1960s. Its another chapter of the old school dying away and leaving us with the likes of Britney Spears and Tom ‘psycho’ Cruise.

I see it as part of the death of an era of Hollywood. When I saw an old film when I was young, it could have Charlton Heston as a Roman, Burt Lancaster as a pirate, Kurt Douglas as a slave, Paul Newman playing pool, Steve McQueen being cool, Tony Curtis as a woman, Yul Brynner as a cossack, Clint and Mitchum as cowboys, Cary Grant on the run, Brando as a gangster or Greg Peck as a great teacher. Only four of those guy are alive now. that a little makes me sad.

The day Harrison Ford kicks the bucket, part of my childhood will have died.


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