>What a difference…

>Two weeks ago seems a long time doesnt it. 3 wins, 9 goals, one conceded, Owen, Martins and Viduka scoring freely, one touch football carving apart well organised teams, Beye rampaging down the right, the midfield controlling the game. Where do we go from here? I still want a few wins for the rest of the season and we have a few teams coming up (Everton, Portsmouth, West Ham) who are good measures of what we can achieve next season with this squad. We should be looking at competing with these boys, beating them to the ball and being more creative. I am optimistic. With only Chelsea and Sunderland as the wild card games, I’d like to get close to 50 pts (38 right now) for the season.

Of course it can’t hide the fact that we were atrocious for a few months and the squad is still weak in some areas, most notably at left back, centre back and in the middle we need reinforcements, but with N’Zogbia, Milner and Emre looking to come in there, we have a decent squad. Some guys should leave if we can get a price for them. mostly important is not lose any of our present stars (Owen, Martins, Viduka, Beye, Faye, Barton and Butt).

We have only beaten Spurs, Reading and Fulham but the aim should be for a top 6 position next season. That will take reinforcement from the chairman and verve from the manager. 20m should be enough for the guys we want. We offer a lot now to prospective players; money, support, an attacking manager, a winning team and some well-known players. It’s early days. I’m not jumping the gun but we have an opportunity now. Let’s hope we make the most of this window, Mr Chairman.


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