>Fascinating yet also slightly scary. We are reaching the time when we can control objects with our mind. Science is a truly wonderful subject. I just hope scientists create what they should, not just what they could.

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Time to sling my two faithful bags over my shoulder and hit the road. It seems like a long time but I will again love that feeling of walking along, not quite sure where I am headed but trying to breathe it all in.

(good book too)

>Don and Ironfist

Just had my last day at work. That’s Andrew ‘Ironfist’ Fowler caught in the rare act of smiling.

Nah! Great guy, great work atmosphere. I enjoyed it.

*Don is no mistake. This new girl thought it was my name so I became Honest Don!

>Barton gets prison


Joey Barton gets 6 months and deservedly so. You could argue he needed more and I wouldn’t be adverse to that argument. Acts of brazen violence should never be overlooked. One punch is out of order but it should be innate in your brain, and upbringing for a moral outlook to kick in and stop yourself straight after. Unrestrained violence (Barton landed 20 punches) must be met with a firm hand. You can’t be allowed to get away with it. And it clearly runs in the family here.

What Newcastle should do now, I am unsure. Barton must serve his time. The law has spoken and afterwards, he should play on for NUFC, always mindful we have put a suspended sentence over him. But this could only be the beginning. He has a separate trial for assaulting a teammate coming up in June. That could put him out for another 6 months.

Barton is in breach of contract right now. We could rightly cancel it and morally maybe we should. I don’t think we will. Too much has been invested and maybe, this will be the corner turned. There is nothing left should it not be.

>Rangers’ and UEFA’s disgrace

>Heard this before??

1. Football fans have gone on the rampage and attempted to blame the local council for it.

2. Club announces these weren’t real fans but actually thugs who have latched onto the UEFA Cup Final.

3. UEFA says it is powerless to do anything about it.

It’s the old bad record eh? Those in power are unable to act until people start dying. Why? Because there is too much money and too small balls involved. And of course when people start dying, governments are forced to intervene and we start to wonder how qualified everybody else is.

So nothing will really happen, a bit like Liverpool in Athens in 2007, Spurs in Seville in 2007, Rangers ‘ racist chanting since time began, Roma’s knife wielders and Zenit’s racist thugs. But there is little UEFA can do about it. They are only the governing body here and are much more adept at ignoring diving players and enforcing petty regulations. This lack of political clout and will would never happen in the States. It’s a pity we don’t have their fortitude to get the house in order with the endless committees, 30 something countries and intrinsic, hypocritical values that pervade the Europe and it’s old culture.

Fucking bullshit. Who pays for Manchester City Centre’s clean-up, the police bill, the emotional traumas? Not the fans clearly. It won’t be Rangers. It wasn’t their True Blue fans was it? It won’t be UEFA who are pensively avoiding the issue.

I have a solution. Ban Rangers for a year. sounds simple yeah? But would it help? Well it would help city centre cleaners, the police, the general public and ethnic minorities get a better night’s sleep. For a year at least.