>Barton gets prison


Joey Barton gets 6 months and deservedly so. You could argue he needed more and I wouldn’t be adverse to that argument. Acts of brazen violence should never be overlooked. One punch is out of order but it should be innate in your brain, and upbringing for a moral outlook to kick in and stop yourself straight after. Unrestrained violence (Barton landed 20 punches) must be met with a firm hand. You can’t be allowed to get away with it. And it clearly runs in the family here.

What Newcastle should do now, I am unsure. Barton must serve his time. The law has spoken and afterwards, he should play on for NUFC, always mindful we have put a suspended sentence over him. But this could only be the beginning. He has a separate trial for assaulting a teammate coming up in June. That could put him out for another 6 months.

Barton is in breach of contract right now. We could rightly cancel it and morally maybe we should. I don’t think we will. Too much has been invested and maybe, this will be the corner turned. There is nothing left should it not be.


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