Heading north

Just a quick one. In Wellington, the capital of New Zealand and the most cosmopolitian city here. Ha! But I’m here to meet a cosmopolitan man in Aaron Irving. Top lawyer. Top man. Should be fun.

Anyway, just arrived after a stunning jaunt up the West Coast of the South Island. I travelled with a French girl called Emilie. It’s a beautiful drive up that coast and we hiked up gold mine trails to waterfalls and up and over hills to viewpoints. NZ is a cracking place. Unassuming, yet brilliantly organised and stunning to look at.

It’s the rugby this weekend. I don’t hold that much out for England. The ABs aren’t that good but England has been decimated by injuries and it’s an end-of-season tour so the boys will be tired. About 12 of us will be there including Steve and Lucy and Levi. On Sunday, Levi and I are heading north to see the Bay of Islands.

But before, that I meet the Boss, Si in Auckland tomorrow for a gig and a few drinks. Always my favourite Boss, this is gonna be a cracking weekend of catch-up and fun.

I’ll get some pics up asap.


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