Just some quick thank yous for New Zealand

I will put up a main blog later covering my thoughts and the joyful experiences of being in New Zealand again. It took 11 years but she always stayed with me and it was certainly worth every penny to get back.

But firstly and promptly I wish to thank those who made the trip worthwhile, the friends I met and those I caught up with, some after far too long long.

Mel – for putting me up in Auckland for 4 nights, organising the various BBQs and giving me useful info.
Sophie – the weekend at the Bach was cool and that rugby BBQ and the welcome you gave my mates was very generous.
Silvia – for climbing up that glacier with me and the photos were much appreciated.
Emily and Veronica – for the pub fun in Punakaiki and Auckland as well as your valiant, and amusing attempts to get to the game!
Emilie, my travel partner up the West Coast; the walks, talks, wine and fishbait, that Indian curry and the Ladies Man.
Aaron – great to catch up mate in Wellington. None of us know how we made it to our destinations the next day.
Si – truly an awesome experience to catch up at the gig, in the pubs and flirting with the staff in an Izakaya again. Great memories with a great mate I’ll always call the Boss.
Steve and Lucy – great to catch up again mate. Can’t believe it’s gonna be a year but what an occasion it will be eh!
Levi – great to meet a fellow BKer and that ride around the Northlands, through the forests and round those weed-smoked hills.
That Argentinian lass – just thanks.

Thank You So Much.

The musing will come later!


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