>Just read

>The Blindwatcher Maker by Richard Dawkins

For those that have read The God Delusion, this is the science book written 20 years earlier where Dawkins writes passionately about the adaptive complexity and slow, gradual natural selection that makes Darwinism the accepted theory amongst scientists. It’s biologically intense but generally written through metaphor and analogy to highlight his various points. His biology is obviously sound and his arguments conclusive. Only in the final chapter does he address different theories of evolution and he gives creationism sparse account. And that’s what he should do. I didn’t like The God Delusion for the simple reason that Dawkins is too smart and useful a man to get involved in that kind of debate. I appreciate he was arguing for atheism and rightly so and I guess it’s sad that he feels the need to get pulled into a philosophical debate which is harming kids but this is his rightful place. The dude knows his stuff and lets us understand in plain language.

Shame – Salman Rushdie

Rushdie is one of the top guys out there. This follow-up to Midnight’s Children shows it plainly. A story about the dynasties of Pakistan but in reality, a parable on the malicious use of shame in Islam to control people especially women. Rushide has an imagination like few others and its highlighted in the creative ways the various characters are killed from ancient elevator death traps to strangulation by a crazed four year old, turned Satanic avenger. It’s imaginative, following and damn funny. If you haven’t read Rushdie, you haven’t read great, modern literature.

Now reading

All The King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren
Paradise Lost by John Milton


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