>King Eric

no shit here.

in paris, drinking a cafe this afternoon in central Paris. a chatter goes up, look right and The King, Eric Cantona, by himself strolled, within 5 metres, past me. no shit. he looked magnificent. Fucking legend.

Still in shock. LInden said my face was a picture when she came back from the ladies. For hours, as we walked through the Louvre, I could only repeat, Eric Cantona!

>Newcastle 1 -0 Bolton

>Dunno if you saw the game yesterday. i did and it wasnt as bad it it looked. Bolton turned up playing route one and with 10 men behind the ball all game. it was dull stuff. we were the better team but if you look at it in terms of tactical success, Bolton imposed their frustrating game on us more than we attacked them.

Gutierrez and Coloccini looked good again and Owen scored the winner. Left back is still a problem while Guthrie will make space when someone else comes back from suspension (Barton) or a new signing is made. Duff was duff again but Given saved a pen which go us motoring.

Arsenal away next. I saw their game against Fulham and they were awful in midfield. Expect changes and unfortunately a far better performance.

>What shouldn’t be in the Olympics?

><– Horse gets bucked off by large mammal.

Fencing – elitism and pompous and who the fuck fences?

Tae kwan do – girly

Good news –

Equestrian – see fencing

Shooting – too many nerds

Archery – who does this? see shooting

Table Tennis – bad rallies, ball too small and not entertaining

Synchronised Swimming – hot Russian women should be seen and not just seemingly drowning in pools.

Walking Fast – nothing to be said.

Sailing – See fencing

Beach Volleyball – poor game and the internet has plenty of cheap thrills.