>My Australia Thank Yous

>Posted late but here it is..

<!– @page { size: 21cm 29.7cm; margin: 2cm } P { margin-bottom: 0.21cm } My time in Australia is almost over. I sit here in Darwin, prepping for the big adventure into East Timor. It’s getting me excited. I feel like I am doing what I am supposed to do again. But my time in Oz has shot by, filled with work, alcohol and plenty of human dynamics. I’ve learnt a lot about myself and the culture. Ultimately while Australia is still striving to point out it’s differences, we are clearly from the same stock.

So my thank yous…..

1. LP and Sarina. For the perfect reason to come over; their wedding. A great affair it was too, as picture perfect as they are. The house in McRae was a lovely welcome. Also thanks for the 6 days or so in Cairns, the hilarious festival and ridiculous amount of drinks consumed. See you guys in December.

2. Ben Van Zyl. An old travelling mate who set me up in the house in Fairfield, a very generous offer and a most welcomed one. While we didn’t see too much of each other in the end due to work commitments and my abiding love of the Northcote Social Club, Ben’s a guy I’d happily travel with again. Cheers mate.

3. Os. My weekend drinking partner, Os introduced me to the Social Club, to numerous people at various parties, to some excellent music and to the infamous run back from the pub. Our pre-going out drinking sessions became legendary. A class act.

4. Ben Wardle. The Greatest Dancer in the World. Along with the two guys above, Ben took me in and also showed me the music way. A dancer of rare repute, Wardle highlighted to a critical extent what you can so with Pale Ales and a gorilla suit. See ya in September.

5. Steve and Lucy. For putting up with me for a week and especially Steve for the Kings Cross replay. See ya next year at the do.

6. Matt and Minka. For that mere one night of nostalgia and drinking in Sydney. Far too short but when you get to NYC in 09, you’ll be seeing me.

7. Luke Bearne. A mate I met while in Istanbul in 2007, we managed a few seriously unplanned drinks sessions and some Anglophile discussion.

8. The guys at National Foods. Ahh I loved that job. Not necessarily the actual work but the atmosphere and welcoming reaction. I was genuinely sad to leave! Cheers Andy, John, Michelle, Dusty, Greg etc.

9. That Japanese shop at Caulfield for reinvigorating my taste buds to takoyaki. And that Greek pies shop for it’s gourmet pies.

10. The various lasses I loved from near or far!

11. And the various smaller influences on my path there; Molly, Kenny, Carl, Kristen, Kaz, Ollie, Gav, Sanne and Heike, Ben’s parents and the many others.

Cheers and see you on the otherside!


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