>I had a great one the other night. In a restaurant on the waterfront in Kota Kinabalu. The sort of curry you still think about 3 day later. The kind of curry you eat in pure silence, not willing to talk for fear the tastes might escape as you breathe out. Deep down fearful too that while you comment on the sensations running from your stomach to your brain, others will take advantage and clear the table of the prize. Chicken curry and kebabs, rice, pappadums, nan bread, onion sauce, a few beers. It still lingers.

Oh curry. I salute you.

I had some teppanyaki today too. The sushi from Melbourne, restaurants in Auckland and Kota Kinabalu and today, here in KL have refreshed my buds to Japanese food and beyond the okanomiyakis and takoyakis of my stubborn world.


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