>Last Away Days of 2008

Never been to Belgium. Never really thought about it. But I will have been by the end of the weekend. Dutchman Jeroen (who hosted the Queens Day boat extradrunkaganza last year in Amsterdam) who I met in Tibet in 2005 is getting married to Daphne and I’m lucky enough to be invited.

It’s going to be held in a 12th century Chateau in central Belgium. Linden and I are staying in a water mill about 5 minutes away. The day is set to be beautiful, a fitting moment for a great couple while the evening has all the making of a raucous night of talking, drinking and dancing.

Provided the Eurostar does its job, Linden and I will get two days in Brussels to trek the streets, munch the chocolate and test the beers of Brussels before and after the weekend. After that, its back to work for me but I’ll get some pictures up.

Before that though, I have the consistent pleasure of meeting Anna, my old mate for some Thai food in London followed by a few beers with AC. All amongst my plethora of gregarious, caring friends. Darn, I am lucky!

(I even turned down a trip to Berlin with some of the boys in October. Two separately offered to pay but with Si’s wedding in October, LP’s arrival in December, this Belgium trip and the various gigs I am going to, I have got to be patient and let this one go. Besides I am likely out there sometime next year to visit Linden once she gets to know the place)


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