>My SE Asian Thank Yous

>Where to start (in no particular order)

Michele – while we didn’t meet in the end, your information and encouragement got me to East Timor. We’ll meet again man. Madagascar?

Anne – Again we didn’t meet. Almost though! Blame Merpati! Thanks for all the flight info, the calls and emails. I did try. Next time eh!

Kristen – Cheers Kris for the Bali fun. The bikes, chats, food and the new phrase of to wash your ankles. And cheers for introduced me to Mark and Rach. See you in London babe.

Lia – Cheers for helping me out in ET. That Friday night in Dili was memorable . A few bars and that nightclub! Meeting Icelandic and Afghani guys in ET was something else.

Anton – my guide at the Tana Toraja funeral festival. Informative and attentive.

The guy who ran the internet cafe in Rantepao – Jesus there is nothing to do in that town at night sauf watching Steven Seagal disasters and reading in my room. There are no cafes! I read my eyes out and by then had to get out .

Marsha – for the time in Bali, Lombok and KL with the shopping advice in KL as well as the conversation and fun. See you in a few.

Blacky and Eddie – The big men in Sengiggi, Eddie, the great guitarist, unfailingly nice and a great looking 37 year old. Blacky, the only specimen of Lombokian low-land gorilla. Respected all along the East coast but where his Cockney accent came from I don’t know. Thanks for taking care of us, inviting us to your table, making breakfast, sorting out the room, getting us in that nightclub and being our friend.

Carlos – A drinking buddy in Ubud as well as random times in Lombok. Sorry about Flores dude! See ya soon.

Mike – Mike the Canadian. Canadian to the core. On the mental run from someone, we hung out in Ubud at the cremations and bar for a few days with Carlos and Marsha. Sorry mate. You know what I mean!

Jennie – the tour, orangutans, Kinabalu, the five star. The laughs and drinks.

The little gay guy who ran the hotel in Atumbua, West Timor – after writing off that town and the hotel, the little camper came through brilliantly and made my stay comfortable, friendly and almost convenient.

Tom – for the usual Bangkok malarky.

Lauren – wooo. After 6 years, to meet and get on so well is a tribute in a myriad of ways.

Note: the pictures look like I am just thanking various women! Well I just don’t have any pictures of the boys. I will find them. 😉


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