>What a weekend!

>Linden and I felt truly privileged to firstly be invited to Jeroen and Daphne’s wedding but were blown away by the beauty of it all. The chateau, the touching service, the whole gang together, the top menu, tasty wine, honey-like beer, the watermill accommodation and those beds. Added to all that, the dancing and drinking on the Saturday night still makes me smile.

Linden and I also got 2 nights in Brussels, one incredibly memorable for me, if not Linden. Just imagine some stairs, a tranny bar and Linden barely been able to walk after too much Belgian beer. The city grew on us, with quirky art shops, boundless fountains, grandiose monuments and cute little cafes. (But not many ding dongs)

Before this little adventure, in London I caught up with Anna for some Thai food, wine and chat and then later AC for the usual banter and bollocks. Gotta love the man and cheers for the Cuban cigar.

<– Like the ensemble? I am standing infront of the watermill where we stayed for 2 nights at the wedding. Beau – tee – ful.

And yeah, I know its time for a haircut!


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