>Joe fucking Kinnear.

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note: nufc.com stole my line about JFK. (Joe fucking Kinnear)

While its a positive step in terms of getting some organisation in and the limited time of his appointment, Kinnear can say what he likes. His point of contact was Dennis Wise, his old dirty captain from the Crazy Gang days. Another team he took down the league. He last resigned in charge of Forest. At leats he is consistent!

But also at least he is a communicator and a motivator. Our ebnch is weak but the first team isn’t that bad. With some organisationa nd passion, we’re a Premier League team. Let’s all hope Ashley cares enough about the club and not just his investment.


>Oh this is a good quote….

>“In London… it was as if wealth was something you could get from a bank, it’s a sort of miracle people seem to believe in England” – Francois Artignan, French financier.


From: Nigerian Consortium

Subject: Attention lucky winner

Date: Tues, 23 Sep 2008 9:00:00

Dear Mr Ashley. Greetings. Firstly, I must solicit your confidence in this transaction. Though I know that a transaction of this magnitude will make anyone apprehensive and worried, I assure you that all will be well at the end of the day.

Let me start by introducing myself to you. It may surprise you to receive this email from me, since there was no previous correspondence between us. I am the representative of a Nigerian Consortium. My purpose in contacting you is to help secure the football club you are in the process of running into the ground. My clients have £400m (or £480m, or £350m, depending on which paper you read) in an account at a Bank.

This Bank has issued me a notice to contact anyone in possession of a) a football club and b) a creeping sense of panic and desperation. Hence I am contacting you with regards to ensuring a happy and amenable swap. Just send us your bank details and football club and we will deposit £400m (or £480m, or £350m, depending on etc and so on) into your account. In return, you must give up this ridiculous notion of hiring Kenny Dalglish, Terry Venables or David O’Leary and, instead, give Newcastle hero Kevin Keegan his job back. We have a further £75m to deposit in his account so he can blow it on tat like he did at Manchester City. Oh, and he has to sign Yakubu, ‘cos he’s Nigerian.

If you wish to achieve this goal with me, kindly get back to me on my private email address: NigerianConsortium@hotmail.com.


Nigerian Consortium
Credit to Danny

>My SE Asian Thank Yous

>Where to start (in no particular order)

Michele – while we didn’t meet in the end, your information and encouragement got me to East Timor. We’ll meet again man. Madagascar?

Anne – Again we didn’t meet. Almost though! Blame Merpati! Thanks for all the flight info, the calls and emails. I did try. Next time eh!

Kristen – Cheers Kris for the Bali fun. The bikes, chats, food and the new phrase of to wash your ankles. And cheers for introduced me to Mark and Rach. See you in London babe.

Lia – Cheers for helping me out in ET. That Friday night in Dili was memorable . A few bars and that nightclub! Meeting Icelandic and Afghani guys in ET was something else.

Anton – my guide at the Tana Toraja funeral festival. Informative and attentive.

The guy who ran the internet cafe in Rantepao – Jesus there is nothing to do in that town at night sauf watching Steven Seagal disasters and reading in my room. There are no cafes! I read my eyes out and by then had to get out .

Marsha – for the time in Bali, Lombok and KL with the shopping advice in KL as well as the conversation and fun. See you in a few.

Blacky and Eddie – The big men in Sengiggi, Eddie, the great guitarist, unfailingly nice and a great looking 37 year old. Blacky, the only specimen of Lombokian low-land gorilla. Respected all along the East coast but where his Cockney accent came from I don’t know. Thanks for taking care of us, inviting us to your table, making breakfast, sorting out the room, getting us in that nightclub and being our friend.

Carlos – A drinking buddy in Ubud as well as random times in Lombok. Sorry about Flores dude! See ya soon.

Mike – Mike the Canadian. Canadian to the core. On the mental run from someone, we hung out in Ubud at the cremations and bar for a few days with Carlos and Marsha. Sorry mate. You know what I mean!

Jennie – the tour, orangutans, Kinabalu, the five star. The laughs and drinks.

The little gay guy who ran the hotel in Atumbua, West Timor – after writing off that town and the hotel, the little camper came through brilliantly and made my stay comfortable, friendly and almost convenient.

Tom – for the usual Bangkok malarky.

Lauren – wooo. After 6 years, to meet and get on so well is a tribute in a myriad of ways.

Note: the pictures look like I am just thanking various women! Well I just don’t have any pictures of the boys. I will find them. 😉

>What a weekend!

>Linden and I felt truly privileged to firstly be invited to Jeroen and Daphne’s wedding but were blown away by the beauty of it all. The chateau, the touching service, the whole gang together, the top menu, tasty wine, honey-like beer, the watermill accommodation and those beds. Added to all that, the dancing and drinking on the Saturday night still makes me smile.

Linden and I also got 2 nights in Brussels, one incredibly memorable for me, if not Linden. Just imagine some stairs, a tranny bar and Linden barely been able to walk after too much Belgian beer. The city grew on us, with quirky art shops, boundless fountains, grandiose monuments and cute little cafes. (But not many ding dongs)

Before this little adventure, in London I caught up with Anna for some Thai food, wine and chat and then later AC for the usual banter and bollocks. Gotta love the man and cheers for the Cuban cigar.

<– Like the ensemble? I am standing infront of the watermill where we stayed for 2 nights at the wedding. Beau – tee – ful.

And yeah, I know its time for a haircut!

>Let’s hope they all think like this


Ahead of the game, Steve Harper said:

“We are an easy target at the minute – people talk about 11 or 12 players wanting to leave.

“I have been in that dressing room for a long time, but recently I have not heard one person say they want to leave this club.

“We are in a difficult position at the minute which a result on Wednesday night would lift us out of.

“We are a small tight-knit squad and I have got to pay tribute to Chris Hughton, Richard Money and Paul Barron in the circumstances they are really working hard and doing a fantastic job to lift the lads.

“But we have got experienced characters in there and there is no splits in the camp, no rumblings of people wanting to leave – that is nonsense to be honest.

“We have got some big players who have seen a lot of things.

“It’s up to the older players to express to the younger lads that we are professional footballers and it is important not to get caught up in anything that’s going on because it’s got nothing to do with us.

I have been here more than half my life, so I consider myself one of the fans because I have watched quite a few games from the best seat in the house. I have seen them doing the conga topless round the city centre and seen them venting their frustration and baying for blood.

“They pay their money, so they are entitled to turn up, not turn up, come in late, support, protest, whatever they want to do. They are a powerful bunch and there’s a lot of them, but they are a fantastic support.

“In an ideal world it would all be sorted but the situation is what it is and we can’t affect it. We just have to go out and do our job.”