>Did you hear about the Qantas Flight…..?


A friend of mine Jennie was on that Qantas flight from Singapore to Perth last week that dropped out of the sky. We were only chatting a few minutes before she got on the plane, me handing out the unavoidable travel advice and offering a bar guide in Melbourne (Ossie!!), her jabbering away about how much she loved Indonesia and both of us jivving with each other as usual.

We’re so used to airline travel, you rarely take the time to comprehend, we’ll be sittiing comfortably calmly watching a film, while our flying cigar of metal with a few jet engines attached cruises 600km/h 35.000ft above the land. I thought about it on recent flight. Take away the fusilage and we would look bizarre. Moments like these wakes you up to your precarious state and the ultimate lack of control.

Well, part of Jen’s email to me is below. It’s pretty scary.

“Well it was the one I got on on after I spoke to you at the airport… all over the news here in Aus but not sure about home.

Fuck, it was the most terrifying experience of my life, we just started falling out of the sky really rapidly mid flight and everyone not wearing a seat belt flew up into the ceiling of the plane (I was wearing mine). A woman next to me in the aisle ended up hanging out of the ceiling and bits of interior of the plane smashed up and all over the place. Loads of people were injured. It stabilised, everyone fell back down and then it started dropping again – at this point I can seriously say I thought my time was up, everyone was screaming, so horrible. It stabalised again and we made an emergency landing on an army base in the middle of nowhere N Aus. Then we had to sit in this locked airbase all day, they flew in a couple of jets for us and at midnight we got another flight to Perth.

They put me up in the Hyatt for the night – biggest room ever but didn’t get there til 2.30am – and they also given us 350 dollars cash… because I have no backpack, all the checked luggage is being quarantined in the plane until they have done and investigation. Apparently it might be another 4 days before we get it back so I only have what was in my hand luggage. Anyhow no moaning I am still alive and fell pretty lucky and that’s enough of my dramatic stories.”


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