>Slave Labour in Dubai


Interesting, sad and predictable. I wonder how long it would take for the average tourist to forget this report, if they read beyond the first paragraph at all.

The idea of different stratas in society bred through religion and/or caste system is rampant in Asia. Even in Japan. Huge nations but not one people. Poverty is raging, fundamentalist religion is fermented. Notice those poor workers were from Philippines (staunchly Catholic), India and Pakistan (staunchly Islamic and/or Hindu) and all three have suffered chronic economic instability, lurching from crisis to crisis, cronyism to despot. Differences between groups and nations have been supplied and then applied by exploitative leaders.

In an era of high oil prices and huge government revenues, ordinary people need to ask why they are still so poor and under-educated and what keeps them from alleviating this crisis. Is it religious-based society or authoritarian and cronyist government? I imagine it’s both of them and all in the name of who?

Credit to Danny for the article and photo link.


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