>Some thoughts I posted elsewhere

Replying to a friends rant against Obama

“I don’t see this Obama train either. I see two candidates; one with potential but a slight unknown and the other a moderate/hyper aggressive pensioner. Thats the choice. Its as simple as that. I don’t see the threat Obama seems to bring to the table.

And I don’t think McCain is a bad candidate. He would have been a good candidate in 2000 except he wouldn’t have won. The foreign policy rhetoric is just that. There is no way it would happen unless forced. Iran is not going to be bombed. especially in the present economic turmoil. It would be disastrous. And the hawks are rightly on the backfoot right now. Interventionist foreign policy has embarrassed America over the last few years. On social issues, McCain is quite progressive and sensible. Its a shame he picked such a conservative VP as Palin. I understand its purely electoral but it does show some desperation on McCain’s side.

Everything is highly politicised in this campaign. I don’t believe there is racism involved on the Republican side. Just like its not sexist when you criticised Palin. It’s been a dirty week in politics. More than most.

I don’t see Obama as a great candidate. He floats too much. But McCain looks out of his depth. Palin seems like a Team America doll and Biden doesnt matter. This is a very important election for the States with the foreign policy dilemmas, economic crisis and the undermining of the mythical American Dream. I wish the candidates were better. I wish the electorate was more thoughtful about voting. And I hope without much hope, big and brave decisions will be taken after the elections. Because the country needs them.”


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