>Madchester Wedding Weekend

>I will be in London, Birmingham and Manchester this weekend, catching up with old mates but mostly importantly witnessing the marriage of Si and Jen. It’s gonna be a lovely church ceremony, followed by a reception at an old Lodge. Whether anyone remembers anything the next day is not yet clear.

I’ve only met Jen a few times but both occasions have involved intelligent and later unintelligible banter and much fun. I still remember the first time I spoke to Si. It was 4th Year at University. About 5 of us had a seminar presentation to give the week after. So a meeting, a real brainstorming session was arranged by one of the girls who took the lead for obvious reasons. We didn’t give a balls.

The meeting was set for 5pm, a good time and in the Interval Bar, good place. I arrived predictably late. I didn’t want to go so figured showing up late would leave me on the fringes of the presentation. I sat down and started introducing myself to those who’s names I forgot a minute later and then turned to my right and said hello to Si. He was planted, legs forward and splayed, smart black trousers, black top, hair in place. He sat sideways to the group, ready to chip in but had other matters on his hands. He guarded and caressed his pint. Si was going straight out. After all, it was Wednesday and it was 5 o’clock.

After a bit of lingua football and a realisation, we weirdly had a few close people in common, life was set. And it rolled on from there. The Big Hitters was set up. Friday night at Loveshack or Pop Tarts became an alcoholic-fuelled shambolic blur and I woke up on the living room floor on countless occasions. It continued in Japan, 15 days on the beer, no pictures taken! And now he gets married!

Si said something memorable about me a few years ago. In an email he wrote “No matter where you are Dan, you’ll always be a great mate. I’ve never know anyone who can cover the 3 important bases of football, world politics and boobs in a 10 minute conversation.” Pertinent as usual and I’ve appreciated constantly those words those words.

Here’s to Si and Jen.


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