>The Boys are back in Toon

>Times are looking up. The boys fought it out well, overcame a dodgy refereeing decision and showed the kind of organisation and heart that’s been missing throughout the club. If JFK gets us a win over Sunderland this weekend, he can have the job for the meantime.

Sir Bobby speaks here. I agree with it all except for the Shearer comments. It’s just too early for the man and I’d rather he stood up when times were disastrous, not when its convenient for him.

“There are all sorts of words you could use to describe what’s happened at Newcastle and some words have been vitriolic, but the one I’d use to express what I feel about the club is sadness. It’s not just disappointing or outrageous or obnoxious, it’s just sad how a big, magnificent club like it is, could have reached this point.

“The five years I had at Newcastle were brilliant. To have been in charge of my father’s club, phew. If my dad had known that, he wouldn’t have believed it. He’d have been so proud, he’d have somersaulted all the way to the games. It was bottom when I took over. It’s hard to envisage how the club has gone back to where it was, and possibly worse.

“There have been way too many managers in that time and some of the player acquisitions have been dreadful. Who’s been responsible for that, I don’t know. In Kevin Keegan’s case, that was one of his arguments, that they were bringing in players that he didn’t even know. Certain players came into the club when Kevin was there and I don’t know who bought them.”

“I felt that lift, the emotion (when Keegan returned). On that day, the whole city was enraptured, everyone was excited and thought that the Messiah had returned; that it might take a little while, but that he’d get it right.

“Everyone thought he’d have a great relationship with Mike Ashley, that because he’d been given a three-year contract, the club would back him. It was a shock, but it felt like an inspired choice. I thought to myself ‘this is it now’. But then they threw a spanner in the works by appointing Dennis Wise and he operates from London. Whether Dennis has got the skill, expertise and experience in that field is very doubtful.

“Alan (Shearer) might not have any experience, but he knows what the club is all about, he knows how the supporters feel and he’d be dedicated to it. I think Alan will make a very good manager. He’s got clout, he had that in the dressing room. He loved the club, he wanted everything right. The one thing he hasn’t got, of course, is experience and to run a club like Newcastle, you’d need a very experienced man. Whether Kevin will come back or whether they’ll give it to Alan or a combination of the two or someone else entirely, I don’t know.


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