The Darkside of Man

Further to the story below but deeply disturbing and horrific. A West London man has been convicted of paying for acid to be thrown in the face of a girl. After meeting her and then finding her on facebook, he did briefly date the girl, only for it to end within weeks. He was also convicted of assaulting her three days earlier, threatening to hang her but the jury was deadlocked on a rape charge. What is more disturbing is I know this girl. Not well but I have spoken to her on a few occasions at MMA events.

She was a ring girl and TV presenter on a London network, mainly interviewing actors and reviewing films. She was always bubbly and cute but also had an intelligence you don’t often find in a ring girl. At the age of 24, she had a lot to look forward to, a promising career in the least, a full and active life at most.

But since the attack in March 2008, she has had 12 operations on her face to try and ‘normalise’ her appearance. And before she was a pretty girl. In an industry which requires beauty and allure, it’s a cruel blow. But far worse will be the mental impact. Will she ever trust a man again? How will she feel about her appearance again? Will she keep that bubbly, vivacious character?

The attacker plead guilty and will be sentenced soon. How someone can do this is beyond me. How lacking in moral fibre, in basic human ethics can you be? Everyone knows the destructive power of sulphuric acid. Yet he seemingly had no second thoughts in doing such an act, not even on the journey to find her. The money was enough.

Danny Lynch, the man who physically assaulted her, threatened to kill her and then paid for the acid attack was also found guilty of the attacks. He too will be sentenced soon. But what sentence does he deserve? How can you compensate for the possible 50-60 years of pain, the looking into the mirror and forever seeing that attack, the memories of the burning, the reddening and peeling of her facial skin? It’s an attack that leaves us all lost for words, struggling with disbelief and choking with anger.

For why did Lynch do this? One reason is clearly his lack of moral base. But it also goes far deeper into the psyche of man. I have long thought men at their most base levels believe they own women and find it difficult to accept others possessing ‘their’ woman. The dark emotions of jealousy or envy rears up within them making it impossible for them. Men have always been vulnerable to their emotions. While they can be infinitely practical with their head, their heart can be equally weak. After all it’s common for men to fall apart after their first-love break up, usually descending hilariously sad drunkenness. I know that from personal experience. But its not always the same for everyone. Many young men have killed themselves, believing they will/can never love again.

Women have a far more logical approach and it stems from their biological imperatives. The high numbers of women living well beyond the death of their husbands can be easily compared to the numbers of men who die shortly after their wives. Suicidal men also often ‘take their families with them when they commit suicide wrongly thinking they won’t survive without them. A case of a father killing himself and his son in a dingy happened off the East coast of England recently. The parents were getting divorced and the father drown his son and himself.

Its warped and illogical but performed through an overly-emotional and desperate framework. Most men are adjusted enough to see a longer-term, more separate view. Life goes on, they tell themselves. Their family support them. Their friends keep them entertained and get them back an even keel. It’s all a learning curve. That’s how most men deal with it. Maturely and calmly despite the alcoholic endeavours.

So what happened her, to Katie wasn’t a normal occurrence. Men are better than that. While I despise Danny Lynch for this, I understand his thought process even if I don’t agree with his actions. Unfortunately for Katie, she has innocently met someone who did something she’ll never be able to forget. And that’s why he did it. To possess her forever.



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