>Daylight Saving

>Can someone explain this to me? The country turns its clocks back one hour, giving us the benefit of darker evenings and pale mornings. Summertime has a proven record of cutting traffic deaths in the evening as well providing more time for evening activities i.e making us more social beings. It was first introduced into the UK during the First World War to try and alleviate hardship and promote industry. It was a political and economic decision which undoubtedly promotes society. As a kid, I remember those long summer days, playing football on the green and then riding home around 9pm. Or these days in the pub, sitting outside and enjoy the sun.

But the reason we still turn the clocks back is simply to appease farmers or Highland school kids. Well considering agriculture accounts for less than 2% of GDP these days and Scotland wants to have far greater independence, I am all for them keeping it, while the rest of us managed to get some longevity and breath into our day and lives.


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