>The Caged Man

I have been fascinated by Thomas Silverstein and his treatment for many years. I saw a documentary on US Prisons maybe 9 years ago and was stunned by his story. I attempted to find enough information on him to write my US Politics dissertation on him at University but little was available and I simply didn’t have the time necessary to go the subject justice.

A bank robber and murderer, Silverstein has been in isolation for 25 years after killing a guard who claimed was mistreating him. That was his third murder inside after becoming part of the Aryan Brotherhood, one of the major gangs in US prisons. Authorities rated him as so dangerous they have left him to rot in isolation for this long.

It’s an expensive and inhuman process. Silverstein is locked in his cell 23 hours a day, get one hour exercise time alone and no meaningful contact with the outside world. It also could be illegal except his case is rarely discussed. Appeals are always rejected on security grounds.

It’s 88 years before Silverstein could be released. He is 54 years old now but has a long, long way to go.

Excellent article here.


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