>All My Authors Are Dying!!!

>I was also saddened to hear of the death of Harold Pinter on Christmas Eve (obituary here). I read three of his plays last year and got into them as much as you can with a Pinter play. Which means not far.

My mortal literary is rampant right now. I have picked up a first edition A Tramp Abroad by Mark Twain (1880) documenting his second trip to Europe.

My little sister bought me Mahfouz’s epic Cairo Triology for Christmas. Those 1250 pages will send me far into the time of brightening skies and budding leaves.

I have also Balzac’s The Black Sheep, Mailer’s The Naked and the Dead, Joyce’s Ulysses, a biography of George Orwell, a Modern Anaylsis of Iran and a book entitled Modern South America.

Right now, I am enjoying The Savage Detectives by Roberto Balano who was the acclaimed hier to Llosa, Saramago and Garcia Marquez, only to die of cancer aged 53. It is predictably going very well. Thanks to Linden for giving me the heads up.


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