>Man on Wire

>Undoubtedly the most incredible story I have heard this year is learning about Philippe Petit, the French street performer who crossed the gap between the two former Twin Towers in New York in 1974.

At the time they were completed in terms of stature but the inside was still being worked on. Without an official sanction and in secret, Petit and his crew created fake I.D. card and smuggled the equipment into the building.
They passed a 450lb steel cable between the Twin Towers and at 715am, Petit stepped out on to the wire using a 7.9m steel rod for balance and crossed the 43m gap, over 400metres above the streets of Manhattan.
Even the arresting NYPD officer stated at the time, “Unbelievable really….[E]verybody was spellbound in the watching of it.”
Like the French Spiderman free climber Alain Roberts, I salute you, you crazy French fucker.

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