>Happy New Year!!

<– Rocked the handlebar for a week!

I had a good New Year. Surprisingly so. Don’t remember how I got home. Remember the American girls.

I have been very busy of late. Writing articles, exercising, studying, family etc. Will be in London in a few weeks to see mates, then Manchester to see Si and Newcastle play again. Hopefully catch the Gorings too. Spain might be on the backburner now and change to Egypt and Israel. Still going to see The Killers in March in Berlin. AC is along too.

Finish work next week and will be looking for something fun to pay the bills rather than a simple job. Possibly abroad, though I may wait until the folks get back from New Zealand. Gotta be in the UK for August and September for various engagements (weddings, stag dos, family affairs) and for University. What I get done this year will be important for the new Five Years.

Aims for this year…

– Start distance University.
– Get back in financial shape
– Keep fit (strength and stamina)
– Take Japanese Language exams in Dec so get studying again
– Get some travel down – Scandinavia/Russia/Spain/Israel/Eastern Europe are on the list.
– Get good at kite-surfing
– Take better pictures

Plenty to see and do then. Might even finally get my arse to Glastonbury. Hope to see you along the way! I might have got a haircut by then!


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