Highlights of 2008

Favourite over-heard conversation

– too hot in Melbourne – a conversation between an Egyptian and a Congolese guy.

Favourite moment

– seeing Eric Cantona

– LP/Sarina’s wedding

Haven’t seen in years highlight

– meeting the Boss Si Mitchell

Most beautiful place

– Tana Toraja in Sulawesi

– West Timor

Greatest animal moment

– Orangutans in Borneo

Best city

– Paris

Greatest gig

– Modest Mouse in Melborune

Best Boozer

– Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Setting the world to rights conversation

– With LP in Cairns

Funniest conversation

– Kundera Music Festival jabber

Sporting event highlight

– Portsmouth 0 – Newcastle 3

Best night-out

– Next to the river in Paris

– In Sneek, Holland on Jeroen’s stag do

Ragingly drunk night out

– Paris night

– Sneek night-out

– Last night in Melbourne

Best films of the year

– Lust, Caution

– Apocalyto

Biggest disappointments

– Missing Michele and Sook Hui

– no diving

WTF night?

– Karaoke with Tom in Bangkok

Biggest discovery

– Coopers Pale Ale

Best new buddy met

– Os

Best books read

– Shame by Salman Rushdie

– The Long Goodbye – Raymond Chandler

– The Age of Fallibility – George Soros

Best place stayed

– Rose Inn at Kinabalu

Best looking women

– Paris

Cultural experience

– Tana Toraja funerals

Best food

– Ubud in Indonesia

Greatest disastrous day

– Getting brilliantly lost with Kristen

Most interesting bus journey

– Hitching in the back of a pick-up in East Timor

Feel like I am travelling again

– Ataumba, West Timor – disaster day turned out so well


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