>The Brilliance of Private Eye

Highlighting the media hypocrisy when attacking Derek Conway MP’s corruption. Like too many things in the UK, it’s all a closed shop in certain industries.

“The case of Derek Conway, the Conservative MP who has employed his sons on staff allowances at the same time as they were in full-time higher education, is not just a disgrace for one MP. It also shows that both the transparency and enforcement rules leave a lot to be desired,” observed the Guardian’s leader column last week.

And quite right too. In the future, parliamentary offspring would do well to follow the example of recent graduate Isabella Mackie, who had the grace to use her mother’s surname when taking a job on the Guardian’s website to disguise the act that she is the daughter of the paper’s editor, Alan Rusbridger.’

The magazine gives similar examples of 3 other paper’s hypocrisy over the same issue. Brilliant magazine.


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