>Quick Update

>Arrived in Poland. Flight got redirected to Wroclaw due to bad weather and I decided to stay the weekend there. Great weekend too apart from the 5am fight with a 70 year old woman who I think was trying to rob me. I was so drunk I forgot half way through what the hell was happening. I just remember her alternatively trying to grab at my pockets and when I defended that, she attempted to strangle me with my scarf, all the while her husband sat on the bench grumbling. Had been out with 4 Spanish lads from Andalucia. Good fun.

Next day I got hammered with some Scottish boys who loved the UFC. Sadly they had only seen the last 5 so I took them under my wing and re-educated them into the world of Nog and Pride. I got abit nostalgic and had a few tears in my eyes.

Sunday I took 4 trains to get to the town I am working in. A boss met me and drove me to my apartment. Company apartment so has cable and the internet. Nice and warm too. Apart from that, I have had 2 intro meetings and will head to Warsaw this weekend.

Some general points

The women are stunning and the beer is cheap, strong and tasty. Lovin it. Proper work starts next week.


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