>Have you ever seen a bird die, fall from the sky taking that one last swoop, before pummelling to Earth and threatening any passing cranium? Nor have I. Why not? Do birds die at night, perched on their branch that one last time before they tweet no more? Do any birds sitting there waiting to take over a well-tended nest or cats sniff the air and stalk the dying from below?

Well I decided bird’s have an elephant graveyard of their own, set in a neverland. Cruising along, Jimmy decides to break the monotony of the commute and turns to Steve and in between flaps asks ‘so where is Bob?’ Steve sighs but doesn’t take his eyes of the horizon. ‘Ah, he went to Norland.’ Jimmy misflaps but sighs too. ‘He was one, wasn’t he? A great one.’ Steve purses his lips, reflecting over brief memories of a long-lost travelling friend. ‘Arhh, he was a good bird.’

They fly on in silence, not daring to glance around. There wasn’t much to see that day. Neither guys were good conversationalists anyway. They know they can catch up later. They have all the time in Norland.


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