Wisla Plock

I went to a handball game yesterday with a teacher called Piotr. They love it here. Orlen sponsors the national champions and they are in the semis right now. Pretty good atmosphere, full of chanting, flag waving, drums and fiery emotion. It’s a mix of basketball and football. Football goals, smaller ball. Basketball passing and tricking. Have to bounce it to run with the ball. No time-clock limit, ice hockey power plays and suicidal goalkeepers like Gaelic football. Very physical and fast-paced game. Score was something like 32-25.

I felt like Kevin Spacey in American Beauty at times. The handball game had a troupe of cheerleaders, all aged about 16 I’d guess. I didn’t know where to look. But don’t worry, I collected myself and leered.

That said, I doubt I’ll go back unless they get to the final maybe. Wasn’t my cuppa green tea.



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