>Pac Destroys Hatton

>Did you see it? You had to quick but if you were watching in the morning hours, you saw a demonstration of beauty. Manny Pacquiao simply destroyed Ricky Hatton with a well thought-out gameplan, exceptional skill and some thunderous power.

Freddie Roach, Pac’s trainer had worked out how Hatton cocks his left hand before throwing it, leaving him exposed to the overhand right. Pac landed it time after time and after 5 minutes 50 seconds, they took their toll as Pac finished a wobbling Hatton with a beautiful left hook, proving himself to rightly be the Pound-For-Pound Best Fighter in the World. Not bad for a guy who grew up in a cardboard box.

Pac proved something else too. Something exceptional. He has risen up the weight divisions now over the years, from Flyweight to Light-Welterweight and has kept his power. That is near unheard of. Only Henry Armstrong, one of the all-time greats can claim a similar feat. Its not just handspeed or power though. Pac lands these punches too. Awesome, crisp combinations. Manny Steward made a great point about not only landing but having the balance and awareness to duck the reply from Hatton, all in one movement.

I am happy this. Hatton just isn’t in the top rank. He is 1-2 against great fighters (Castillo misses the cut and was past it). Kostya was past it but a great performance from Hatton. Floyd beats everyone and Pac pretty much too (except maybe JMM). No shame in losing to these guys but it is the great leveller. You don’t get lucky much in boxing.

So what of Hatton’s performance? Pretty poor in many ways. He got hit all night and never raised his left hand to defend the overhand right. Sure he was shell shocked and wanted to get at Pac but he would have been better letting Pac come to him. Mayweather Snr sucks. I also can’t stand the guy and his arrogant attitude. Much prefer a roach or Manny Steward! And his training was clearly shite. Defence?? Left hand? I don’t know if Hatton should to retire either. Way too much talk that he is done. He got outclassed, will struggle to be the draw he was and has nowhere to go in terms of heading to the top but he is still a top 140lber. He doesn’t need to fight on but if he chooses to do so, he will beat almost all 140lbers out there.

And then there are Hatton’s supporters. Bald, fat fuckers who give the country a bad name. They know little about boxing but like hooligans, cling to the group, singing the national anthem, booing classy Pac at the weigh-in and reinforing stereotypes. These guys are morons. And more importantly are selectively knowledgeable. Most wouldn’t have heard of Pac before the DLH fight but will nonetheless shout Hatton, Hatton just like the drunk Americans should USA, USA when they don’t even know anything about the guy. Its simple moronship.

Asuming that all things are equal,
Who’d want to be men of the people
When there’s people like you?
– Arctic Monkeys


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