>Some Recommendations For You

I don’t watch too many films but prefer to pick out the less luminous but greater acclaimed features. Milena, a friend here made up a CD and sent me some fair crackers.

The Proposition

Nick Cave written film and rightly feted. Set in the Australian Outback in 1880s as Ray Winstone chased down the Burns Gang. It haunts you for a long time after.

Urga (1991)

Winner of numerous prizes back then and rightly so. A tale of a Mongolian man helping a travelling Russian. Very cute, very funny, simply told and looks stunning.

Thanks to Milena for both recommendations.

The Hurt Locker (2008)

Good movie indeed. Realistic looking, it’s a film with about essentially 6 or so scenes which dealing with the fearful and exposed nature of the army’s work out there, exploring the confused state of mind of the US soldiers and the ambivalent feelings of the Iraqis to their liberators. Its very simply and well-made and taunt with tension at times. I am not sure it’s brilliant but its certainly very, very good and memorable.


I also watched Once Upon a Time in the West. Cuuulasssiccc!


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