>Christine and Joe are getting married

>I heard some very good news the other day. I got a message from my great friend Christine informing me she and Joe are going to take ‘the plunge’ as she called it The big M. Marriage. While there are some reasons which would make their lives easier being married (visa issues), they have been together longer enough and get on well enough to make a huge success of it. The ceremony will be next month and only parents are invited.

However next year, it will be all made up to us friends as we’re invited to a big do over in Florida with hopefully a lot of old names from Japan. This I might use that opportunity to see some friends round that way, get to other cities and then down to Colombia. (Gabriel invited me to go back to Colombia this August when he has to go back for 2 weeks. It’s so tempting to throw plans out the window and just do it).

Christine has been a good friend for a long time, since January 2nd 2002. I was meeting LP in a bar in Shinsaibashi, Osaka and was keeping to my traditional poor timing. LP being the jovial type and having an eye for the ladies, starting talking with 2 girls getting drunk on a table nearby. I swung in without fear and met up with Bobbi and Christine. Ironically I ended up with Bobbi that night but Christine made me a tea in the morning and became firm friends. Christine radiates intellect and consideration as well as a vivacious eye for fun.

I was going to Korea to work and persuaded Christine to come over and we lived together. (I therefore, naturally take all the credit for Christine meeting Joe). I arrived a month earlier than Christine and naturally lived on a mattress in the living room, paying scant attention to the rest of the rooms except Christine’s room which I spent a tortuous few hours trying to figure out how to put together a bed from a plan in Korean. My friend Dave picked up Christine at the airport bus stop and took her to the apartment. Within a week, the apartment was transformed from heroin chic by simply organisation and thought.

The year went by, both of us frustrated with our jobs and the country but never with each other. Only once did we fall out, the famous clock-changing night, but the rest of the time shivered and sweating through the wearsome four seasons fluidly and without incident. We made friends with the local bars owners and generally found a niche even if we found it too tight. I am not a patient person and often let my frustrations build up within my soul, warping my thoughts or as Thornton Wilder said making vice out of a virtue. Without Christine there to lighten my mood and listen to my various rants over too many shit beers and teach me about books, music and WINNNAAAAApeg (home of Neil Young apparently), I might have gone postal.

So this wedding party is gonna be fun. Too long has passed but we stay in good contact and miss each other. She is a true friend.

(And that’s 1000 posts!)


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