>Newcastle United Are Relegated

>I have taken time over this. I don’t have an especial emotion. Being relegated for the second time as a Newcastle supporter, it isn’t a total shock. The season has been such a disaster from the top down. A new start was promised under Ashley but his plans, which had some merit were enforced by the wrong people in the wrong way and completely ignored any traditional values or ideas in the most traditional of clubs and cities.

Maybe you can buy Chelsea or Spurs fans and give them unprecendented success but Newcastle United is different. Moderate success is fine as long as the fans are entertained and feel part of the movement. With Keegan (and Shearer), Ashley brought inspire into the movement and sought to be part of its congregation. Alas, you then can’t reject God when he doesn’t fit your rules and then claim intimidation from the very people you tried to bribe with charm and appointments. Ashley fled town like a charlatan on the run from his fooled congregation.

I didn’t want Keegan back in general but he has an eye for a player and is respected. JFK can take his middle name and off. Shearer isn’t the man either but he might has the clout to change the club around. He is the new God when we really need an experienced and persistent Scotsman.

I am looking forward to the Championship. Maybe I havent fully been exposed to it yet but there are at least 8 teams who are at least as big as the smaller teams in the Premier League. We have a chance to re-organize, jettison some of the highly paid wasters and get some wins under our belt. Sure we won’t be playing the bigger teams but for a while it would be nice to go into games without forboding. A more simple and less delusional season.

But let’s not here anything about the fans needing to be more realistic. This isn’t my job or my bank account. This is football, my team, my hopes and dreams. Don’t go into games hoping to eek a win against Gillingham. Hope of smashing them, sending them back to whereever Gillingham is with harsh memories of power and verve. As Mark Twain stated ‘keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.’


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